Is Content Important For Social Media Marketing Posts In 2023?

Posted on January 19, 2023

Category: Blogging

Is Content important for social media and more precisely, social media marketing posts in 23’? The short answer is a resounding YES! The longer answer is, not only is it important – it should be front and center when deploying this core strategy of social media marketing for every small business owner and independent contractor in 2023. 

While social media content can mean something different in the context of its application and can be literally anything that is shared on social media – graphics, photos, links, updates, animation, and more…content for small biz social media marketing posts must be specific and precise for your target audience and for the ultimate goal of turning your posts, whether they be marked as paid for ads or posts that contribute to the messaging of your brand…into what you care about most-more sales, more clients and customers.

It's important to note that there are currently around 20 high traffic social media websites in existence. But, we do not have to go much past the two dominant Meta platforms to realize that there are currently over 4 billion active users of Facebook and Instagram combined worldwide in 23'

Whether you be a florist marketing floral designs, a realtor for real estate and properties, a carpet cleaning company, or a puppy breeder selling puppies, chances are you've advertised or considered advertising on or both of these platforms that boast 40,000,000 active users on Facebook and 160,000,000 on Instagram in the United States alone. The point being, social media marketing is alive, viable, and absolutely necessary when it is complimented by great content. 

No doubt you've been bombarded for years by marketers, ads on YouTube, and marketing companies. Your inbox may be flooded with all the ‘’how to'' and what to do you can possibly handle. You've also likely started and stopped in frustration, trying to market through social media multiple times. 

You may even think that what you're currently doing right now on social media, if you're still hanging on or attempting to even expand your small business in the current economic climate may be right or ‘’good enough.''

The problem is confounding at times. How can you be sure that you're employing the best strategy consistently? Brandefined has been around for 12 years. We have served thousands of clients and have evolved through all of the technological advances and changes throughout the years. In 2023, we employ strategies that use the very latest trends and best practices, including the most advanced technology up to AI when necessary. 

Most importantly, you need a top creator, and we're proud to not only employ the best strategies, but the top creators make all the difference. 

At a time when economic concerns have knocked off some of the big competition on Facebook and Instagram as they scale back their budgets, the small business owner and independent contractor can take advantage of the absence of competitors on the platform, while also gaining access to top creators that are ready to work for you. The cost of having a dedicated team to run your content and improve your ROI with social media marketing posts can and should be within the budget you're comfortable with, provided the strategy executed on your behalf is executed with the efficiency and expertise that gets it right the first time. 

We must start from a place with the basic understanding that social media marketing should and needs to identify your target audience. At Brandefined we begin with proprietary technology that helps us define your target small business audience. Ultimately, we need to go from finding your customer who's likely to buy or sign up for your service right now, to nurturing your audience over time to develop future customers and clients.

We will not ever suggest or execute a content for social media post strategy that has followers loving lots of content, but contains no pivot to converting these followers into actual customers that grow your business. Great ‘’looking'' content that makes you standout, may have an impact on the awareness of your brand, but you need the content that actually gives you the expected return on your investment. To say it more plainly, a marketing company, an ad agency, digital agency, or independent content creator could charge you a lot of money for a lot of good looking content that does not convert into an increase in sales or client account base for you. 

  1. When we ask the question about the importance of content for social media posts in 23', we say yes, and hope, no matter how small your budget is…that we've convinced you of the importance of this as well. Brandefined will execute a proven and current model that accomplishes the following: Our top creators will make content that will attract your target customers and clients who are likely ready to do business with you now!
  • We will ensure to continue creating content that nurtures an audience, identifying anyone who has even hinted at the idea of doing business in the near future.
  • We will continue the right conversation to reach the people that need you to solve their desire, need or problem.
  • We will fight to continue to release content that turns every possible identified prospect into profit for you!
  • Brandefined is most proud to offer a ‘’Big Brand Content For Social Media Marketing Posting Campaign For Small Business''…..and yes, we get it, on perhaps a small budget. We're not looking for you to spend a lot. But we do want you to expect a lot. We will post the content you deserve with the budget you're comfortable with, giving you peace of mind and confidence in the very best results for social media marketing in 2023 and beyond.
  • Social media isn't going away. It is essential for your small business. Your budget doesn't need to be thrown away, either.